Mr. C is a museum guide which helps both children and adults improve their interaction during their visit. The guide and system encourage people to learn about artists and their art.


A thesis project is an exploration of defining a real-world issue. It’s a year-long process of conducting research, distilling information and developing solution through graphic design approach. The design solution will strongly reach its target audience across various design platform that shows design practice and design thinking.


Competitive Analysis, User Research, User Personas, User Stories, Affinity Diagramming, Usability Testing


According to research, bringing children to museums at a young age increases tolerance, empathy, and critical thinking. Yet, a key problem for most parents is they don’t know how to help their children engage with art in a museum setting. As a result, children’s visiting experience with their parents in art museums is mostly passive participation and children ending up feeling bored.


I solved this problem by creating a brand called Mr.C. It contains different materials for families as a tool to use while they visit art museums, such as an art activity book, mobile app game and a website for people to share their visiting experiences with others.